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Psyclo Peptide focus on developing new and innovative reagents & methods for peptide chemistry, especially amino acid derivatives, non-canonical amino acids & key intermediates of the marketed peptide APIs and novel bioactive peptides by Solid phase peptide synthesis(SPPS) or tranditional Liquid phase peptide synthesis(LPPS). Peptides & Proteins have a significant and rapidly expanding role as medicines, due to their high affinity, specificity, low toxicity, and ability to alter protein–protein interactions. The first chemical synthesis of a therapeutic peptide was that of oxytocin in 1953. To date, around 100 therapeutic peptides (mostly innovative synthetic ones) are on the market in the USA, Europe and Japan, including those for diagnostics applications. The therapeutic peptide development is growing. In 2011 alone, there were between 500 and 600 peptides in pre-clinical phases. The year 2012 has proven to be another milestone for the peptide pharmaceutical sector, with 5 and 6 peptides meeting market approval respectively in Europe and in the USA. This was the highest number of approvals ever achieved for new biological entities (NBEs) in one year which renders some optimism to the sector. This optimism is confirmed by the statistics, as the regulatory approval rate for peptides is around 20%, versus 10% for small molecules. In addition, the number of peptides per year entering clinical trials has steadily increased from 1 in 1970 to currently around 20. As of April 2012, the clinical pipeline for peptide drugs was composed of 128 peptide candidates. These included 40 in phase I, 74 in phase II and 14 in phase III. In Phase I, the most represented indications are pain (more than 30%), cancer and cardiovascular diseases. In Phase II and III, in which cancer is the leading target (accounting for more than 15% and 40%, respectively), one finds, next to pain and infectious diseases, also indications not much represented in the current market, such as dermatology, allergies, and CNS disorders. Considering all the upgrades in peptide systems, and the rapid developments in proteomics, bioinformatics, and peptide libraries, it is expected that by 2020, the global Peptide Therapeutics market will reach over $25 billion (Global Peptide Therapeutics Market, 2016). This dramatic market increase is driven by both growing incidences of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, and also technological enhancements in peptide synthesis that include high-throughput approaches.

Our comprehensive products and custom peptide synthesis services will assist you on peptide molecules developing & manufacturing from the very beginning of science research to large scale commercialization.

Products & services:

  • Linkers or handles for solid phase peptide synthesis
  • Non-canonial amino acids (N-Me-,beta- & higher, homo-amino acids)
  • Peptides(cosmeceuticals,nutraceuticals,pharmceuticals,biomaterials)
  • Oligopeptide building blocks(O-acyl isodipeptide,pseudoproline dipeptides)
  • Peptide modifications(Lipidation, PEGylation, Hydrocarbon-stapled, FRET,Cyclic peptides)
  • Impurities for Peptide Drug Products

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