Price for custom peptide synthesis services

Advances in synthetic chemistry, solid support materials, purification technology, and biological drug delivery strategies have all contributed to strong growth and expanding interest in peptides, especially among large biotech and pharmaceutical companies. Research-grade peptides continues to rise at a faster pace, particularly for peptide libraries used in drug screening, target validation, epitope mapping, and structure-activity studies. Our Custom Peptide Synthesis Services use solid and solution phase chemistry employing Fmoc and t-Boc methodologies.

Price per Residue (US$)
Weight Purity
Crude  Desalt  75% 85% 90% 95% 98% 99%
5mg $3 $5 $6 $8 $10 $12 $16 $26
10mg $5 $7 $8 $10 $13 $16 $20 $29
25mg $7 $9 $12 $15 $17 $21 $25 $38
50mg $10 $12 $16 $18 $22 $27 $32 $48
100mg $12 $21 $25 $29 $34 $39 $55 $69


In addition, we offer a full range of labeling and modification options.

Modifications   5mg   10mg 25mg
Ser Phosphorylation USD60 USD80 USD100
Thr Phosphorylation USD60 USD80 USD100
Tyr Phosphorylation USD60 USD80 USD100
Tyr Sulfation USD100 USD120 USD200
N-Formyl USD100 USD120 USD150
N-Myr/Pal USD30 USD40 USD50
N-terminal Biotin USD30 USD40 USD50
N-terminal Fluorescein USD80 USD100 USD120
N-terminal Bodipy USD300 USD360 USD600
N-terminal-DNP USD50 USD60 USD80
Lys- Biotin(epsilon amine Lys) USD180 USD200 USD220
Lys- Bodipy (epsilon amine Lys USD360 USD460 USD660
Lys-DNP (epsilon amine Lys) USD90 USD100 USD120
Lys-Fluorescein (epsilon amine Lys) USD120 USD150 USD200
Lys-Me (epsilon amine Lys) USD300 USD360 USD600
Lys-Me2 (epsilon amine Lys) USD300 USD360 USD600
Lys-Me3 (epsilon amine Lys) USD300 USD360 USD600
Arg-Me2(omega guanidino Arg) USD360 USD460 USD660
PEG2 spacer USD100 USD120 USD160
Disulfide(Cys-Cys) USD160 USD180 USD200


Peptides will be shipped with COA, MS, HPLC and extra analysis report as requested.  Use our Contact Us page to leave message or send Email: