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Product name: N2,N2-bis(carboxymethyl)-L-Lysine


Catalog #: 8604039

Purity: 97%

CAS No.: 113231-05-3

Molecular Formula: C10H18N2O6

Molecular Weight: 262.26

Compound ID: 7019830

Description: A nitrilotriacetic acid derivative used as a metal chelating adsorbent for metal ion affinity chromatography. This method can be used for identification and rapid one-step purification of gene products expressed as fusion proteins with an oligo-histidine tag. The oligo-histidine tag serves as a high affinity binding sequence for the purification of fusion proteins via a metal chelating absorbent such as N-(5-Amino-1-carboxypentyl)iminodiacetic acid. Also soluble in DMSO:DMF 1:1 and DMSO:CH2Cl2 1:2


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