Ethyl N-(mesitylsulfonyl)oxyacetimidate

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Product name: MSH

Synonyms: Ethyl N-(mesitylsulfonyl)oxyacetimidate, Ethyl O-methylsulphonylacetohydroxamate, Ethyl O-Mesitylsulfonylacetohydroxamate, O-Mesitylsulfonylacetohydroxamic Acid Ethyl Ester,

Catalog #: 8307024

Purity: 95%

CAS No.: 38202-27-6

Molecular Formula: C13H19NO4S

Molecular Weight: 285.36

Description: MSH will convert Cys to Dha and removed the free –NH2 under basic conditions.


Usage: For Scientific Research Use Only, Not for Human Use.