Fmoc-Gly-Ser(Psi Me,Me Pro)-OH


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Product name: Fmoc-Gly-Ser(Psi Me,Me Pro)-OH

Synonym: Fmoc-Gly-Ser(ψ proMe, Me)-OH, (S)-3-((((9H-fluoren-9-yl)methoxy)carbonyl)glycyl)-2,2-dimethyloxazolidine-4-carboxylic acid,

Catalog #: 8304008

CAS: 1095952-22-9

Purity: 95%

Molecular Formula: C23H24N2O6

Molecular Weight: 424.45

Description: The dipeptide building blocks have a proline-like ring structure and therefore act like proline as a structural disruptor.