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Product name: Fmoc-Hse(Trt)-OH

Synonyms: Fmoc-O-trityl-L-homoserine,N-Fmoc-O-Trt-L-homoserine,Fmoc-Homoser(Trt)-OH, Nalpha-Fmoc-O-trityl-L-homoserine,(2S)-2-(9H-fluoren-9-ylmethoxycarbonylamino)-4-trityloxybutanoic acid,

Catalog #: 8207106

Purity: 97%

CAS NO.: 111061-55-3

M.F.: C38H33NO5

M.W.: 583.67

Compound ID: 11387678

Description: Model peptides containing the nucleophilic amino acids Trp and Met have been synthesized with the application of Fmoc/Trt- and Fmoc/tBu-amino acids, for comparison. The deprotection of the peptides synthesized using Fmoc/Trt-amino acids in all cases leads to crude peptides of higher purity than that of the same peptides synthesized using Fmoc/tBu-amino acids. Homoserine was used for the synthesis of Oligonucleotide-(3‘→N)-Peptide Conjugates.