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Product name: Fmoc-Aza-OH

Synonym: Fmoc-L-Dap(N3)-OH,Fmoc-L-Aza-OH, Fmoc-L-azidoalanine , Fmoc-L-beta-azidoalanine,N-alpha-(9-Fluorenylmethyloxycarbonyl)-3-azido-L-alanine, (S)-2-(9-Fluorenylmethyloxycarbonylamino)-3-azidopropanoic acid,

Catalog #: 8302050

Purity: 97%

CAS No.: 684270-46-0

Molecular Formula: C18H16N4O4

Molecular Weight: 352.34

Compound ID: 12112626

Description: The second component, Fmoc-l-azidoalanine, was synthesized in 88% yield by diazo transfer from commercially available N-α-Fmoc-l-diaminopropionic acid using a modification of the method of Cho et al. Microwave-enhanced click glycoconjugation of a propargylated α-GalNAc sugar moiety with an L-azidoalanine functionalized peptides using a catalytic quantity of Cu(I) enabled a high-yielding and rapid synthesis of a “Tn-antigen mimic” and click analogues of antifreeze glycopeptides, thus demonstrating a valuable synthetic platform for the synthesis of biologically relevant neoglycopeptides.