Human β-defensin-3 (hBD3)

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Product name: Human β-defensin-3 (hBD3)

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Synonyms: human β-defensin 3, human β-defensin 3, human beta-defensin-3, Beta-defensin 3,HBD-3,DEFB-3,HBD3,hBD-3,Defensin, beta 103,Defensin-like protein,



Modifications: Disulfide(1-5,2-4,3-6)

M.W: 5155.12

M.F.: C216H371N75O59S

Purity: 95% by HPLC

Counter ion: Trifluoacetate

Format: Lyophilized powder

Description: HBD3 is a member of the β-defensin multigene family. The amphipathic, antiparallel β-sheet structure, stabilized by disulfide bonds, via six canonical cysteines is conserved throughout evolution and between family members despite significant sequence diversity. These powerful cationic antimicrobials directly kill fungi, bacteria and viruses, and recently it has become clear that this gene family has roles in other processes including male fertility, immunomodulation and inflammatory disease. Defensins are primarily expressed from mucosal surfaces, some exclusively in the reproductive tract and others in skin, intestine and gingival surfaces . Among the identified hBDs, hBD3 is attractive for potential pharmaceutical applications as an antibiotic and as a modulator of inflammation. hBD3 undergoes spontaneous self-oligomerization and shows antibacterial activity against Gram-positive bacteria, and its role in adaptive immune responses is biologically significant compared to hBD1 and hBD2.

Uniprot ID: P81534


Usage: For Scientific Research Use Only, Not for Human Use.