NNZ 2591

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Product name: NNZ 2591

Catalog#: 1808241

Synonyms: Cyclo-L-glycyl-L-2-allylproline,

Sequence: c(Gly- L-2-allylproline)

Modifications: head-to-tail lactam,


M.W: C10H14N2O2

M.F.: 194.23

Purity: 95% by HPLC

Format: White powder

Description: Naturally occurring diketopiperazines can be derived from neurotrophic factors and have been reported to be neuroprotective and to improve long-term function. Cyclo-L-glycyl-L-2-allylproline (NNZ-2591) is a modified diketopiperazine based on the endogenous diketopiperazine cyclo-glycyl-proline (cyclic GP). Both cyclic GP and NNZ-2591 have been shown to be neuroprotective after hypoxic-ischaemic (HI) brain injury in rats. NNZ-2591 crosses the blood–brain barrier independent of HI brain injury and remains detectable in the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) several hours after a single administration. Peripheral administration of NNZ-2591 improves long-term somatosensory-motor function after HI injury in rats. Prevention of both initial and progressive neuronal loss has been suggested as the mechanism underlying its long-term neuroprotection.

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Usage: For Scientific Research Use Only, Not for Human Use.