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Product name: Oligoarginine(R6,R7,R8,R9,R10)

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Purity: NLT95.0%

Format: Hygroscopic, yellow to brown solid

Description: It has been verified that the positively charged arginine residues in arginine-rich Tat peptide are crucial to its membrane penetrating capability, nonetheless, the positive charge is not the key factor, because the cell penetrating property was vanished when the positively charged arginine residues were replaced by other positively charged amino acids such as lysine, ornithine, histidine, or citrulline suggesting that the cationic guanidine moiety on the arginine side-chain plays a critical role on this unique membrane translocation property. Therefore, arginine-rich CPPs including oligoarginine peptides have been selected as vectors to transport cargo molecules, such as various drugs, biomolecules, nanoparticles, and imaging reporters, into cytoplasm and nucleus of cells for various biological applications based on their high cellular uptake efficiency. The efficiency of cellular uptake of CPPs depends on the number of arginine residues and shows increased cellular uptake efficiency as the arginine sequences increased. However, membrane penetration and nuclear accumulation is lessened in short (< 5) or long (> 15) arginine peptide sequences.


Usage: For Scientific Research Use Only, Not for Human Use.