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Product name: Pinealon

Catalog#: 1808130

Sequence: Glu-Asp-Arg

M.W: 418.40

M.F.: C15H26N6O8

Purity: 98%

Format: White powder

Description: We’ve estimated the cellular and metabolic part of geroprophylactic effects of short synthetic tripeptides vesugen and pinealon for correction of the biological age. 32 people (18 men, 12 women) aged 41-83 years with polymorbidity and the organic brain syndrome in remission participated in the study. The preparations of “Pinealon” and “Vesugen” have had the significant anabolic effect. They have improved the activity of the Central nervous system and other vital organs, which slows the rate of aging by biological age indicators. Vesugen has demonstrated more visible geroprophylactic effect than Pinealon. At the same time we’ve found the prooxidant activity through chemiluminescence. Decrease of markers CD34+ positive hematopoietic polypotent cells in blood has shown significant inhibition of hemopoiesis. Apparently, the cells have not been involved in the adaptive reactions. Pinealon and Vesugen haven’t affected the degree of chromatin condensation, so they are safe on nuclear genetic level. This property should be studied in future. In geriatric practice, we recommend to apply the peptides Pinealon and Vesugen as geroprotectors anabolic neuroprotective and no antioxidant type for reducing the rate of aging in patients with the organic brain syndrome vascular and/or traumatic genesis.


Usage: For Scientific Research Use Only, Not for Human Use.