Polycystine-poly(His,Arg)1:5 (CHR)

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Product name: Polycystine-poly(His,Arg)1:5 (CHR)

Catalog#: 3502090


Molecular Weight: 30k (on viscosity)

Peptide Content: 1.0%-10.0%

Appearance: brown solid or powder

Assay: more than 99.9% (HPLC)

Loss on drying: less than 0.5%

Heavy metal: less than 10 ppm

SO4: less than 280 ppm

As: less than 1 ppm


Storage Conditions:
In a desiccator with anhydrous calcium chloride at RT.

Polycystine-poly(His,Arg)1:5 is a synthetic polyamino acid. The protective group is 100% removed (deprotected). It’s a brown solid or powder soluble in water and DMSO. In experiments with CHO-K1 cells and MEFs the use of CHR allows to achieve transfection efficiencies comparable to or better than those obtained with PEI. CHR-mediated transfection does not require complex pre-formation, works well in serum-containing media and is biodegradable, which may prevent cumulative cytotoxicity and facilitates downstream processing.

Transfection of CHO-DG44 Cells in 12-Well Plates
Transfection experiments were carried out in agitated 12-well plates (TPP). One day prior to transfection, cells were seeded at 1000 000 cells/ ml in ProCHO 5 medium. On the day of transfection, cells were passaged into fresh medium at a density of 2000 000 cells/ml and added as a total volume of 1 mL per well in 12 well plates. Polyplexes were formed by adding a total quantity of 2.5 mg DNA to 50 uL of 0.150 M PBS and mixed with CHR at a DNA:CHR weight to weight ratio of 1:3. After 10 min incubation at room temperature, the polyplexes were added to the cell culture and the12-well plates kept at 37C under orbital shaking. After 3 h, the cell culture was diluted to a final volume of 2 mL.