Rink Amide Linker


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Product name: Rink Amide Linker

Synonym: 4-[(2,4-Dimethoxyphenyl)(Fmoc-amino)methyl]phenoxyacetic acid,

Catalog #: 8511005

Purity: 99%

CAS No.: 145069-56-3, 126828-35-1

Molecular Formula: C32H29NO7

Molecular Weight: 539.58

Compound ID: 2761459

Description: RAM and PAL are commercially available and require relatively high concentrations of TFA for complete cleavage. Reductive amination of aldehydes and ketones using sodium cyanoborohydride and Rink’s 4-(2′,4′-dimethoxyphenyl-aminomethyl)-phenoxymethyl-linked polystyrene resin [Rink’s amine linker on copoly-(styrene-1%-divinylbenzene)] affords high yields of linker-bound, N-alkyl amines with excellent chemical selectivity. Subsequent coupling with acid derivatives gave derivatized N-substituted amides in excellent yields after cleavage from the solid-support. The synthesis of N-alkyl amides was more difficult on a Rink amide resin, especially the coupling of the first amino acid to the N-alkyl amine, resulting in lower yields for loading the first amino acid onto the resin.


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