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Product name: Rotigaptide

Catalog#: 1808224

Synonyms: ZP 123,ZP123,ZP123 peptide

Sequence: Ac-D-Tyr-D-Pro-D-Hyp-Gly-D-Ala-Gly-NH2

M.W: C28H39N7O9

M.F.: 617.65

Purity: 95%

Format: White powder

Description: To address cardiac arrhythmia, hexa-peptides such as AAP10 derived from bovine atria and a stable analogue ZP123, now termed rotigaptide, have been developed to modify gap junctional channel properties and intercellular communication . Rotigaptide promoted electrical coupling between ventricular myocytes without changing membrane conductance . The peptide attenuated gap junction closure and preserved intercellular coupling during acidosis . Most importantly, rotigaptide reduced the inducibility of re-entry ventricular tachycardia during acute ischaemia in dogs . Indeed, these properties suggest that rotigaptide could be a prototype of a new class of antiarrhythmic drug.

Compound ID: 9938933


Usage: For Scientific Research Use Only, Not for Human Use.