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Product name: FAR

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Synonyms: anti-fungal tripeptide,


Sequence: FAR




Purity: 95% by HPLC

Counter ion: Trifluoacetate

Format: Lyophilized powder

Description: Cationic AMPs are important candidates for anti-fungal therapeutic agents due to broad spectra of anti-microbial activity. The presence of Phe in these peptides suggests that it plays a critical role in anti-microbial activities. revious studies showed that peptides containing hydrophobic, positively charged residues like Arg, Lys are effective AMP and Phe serve as a membrane anchor in immunogenic. Very few small (tripeptide) AMPs are known so far. One tripeptide, GHK, was reported to inhibit the growth of Escherichi coli. 3-bromocoumarins and 2-methylimidazoles analogues of di-, tri-, tetra-peptides were found to exhibit anti-microbial activity. It has also been reported that conjugation of a palmitic acid to the N-terminus of very short cationic di- and tripeptide further provided them with potent anti-microbial activities.The phenylalanine (Phe) in peptide has great importance for providing anti-microbial activity. An AMP named prophenin is rich in Pro and Phe and exhibits activity against the Gram-negative bacteria.Moreover, molecular dynamics has shown that Phe plays a crucial role in the membrane permeabiliation.In this study five tripeptide were synthesized containing Phe with different combination of cationic and aliphatic amino acids to have efficient anti-fungal properties. The cationic peptides with hydrophobic residues deeply penetrate the membrane of the microbes.The Arg and Trp make the peptide more anti-microbial in nature. Arg endowed the peptide with cationic property and hydrogen bonding, which is very crucial for interaction with anionic component of the fungal membrane. The small peptides are non-immunogenic. Keeping these fundamental things in mind, we have designed and synthesized tripeptide with different combinations and found that FAR was showing better anti-fungal effect than other four peptides. FAR is the first tripeptide has anti-fungal activity by inhibiting the growth of C. krusei.

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Usage: For Scientific Research Use Only, Not for Human Use.