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Product name: Fmoc-Nle-OH

Synonym: Fmoc-L-Norleucine,(S)-2-(Fmoc-amino)caproic acid, N-Fmoc-L-norleucine, (S)-2-(Fmoc-amino)hexanoic acid, N-(9-Fluorenylmethoxycarbonyl)-L-norleucine,

Catalog #: 8235006

Purity: 98%

CAS No.: 77284-32-3

Molecular Formula: C21H23NO4

Molecular Weight: 353.41

Compound ID: 7009636

Description: Norleucine and norvaline belong to a group of non-canonical amino acids which are synthesized as byproducts in the branched chain amino acid metabolism of Escherichia coli. Norleucine was originally observed in regulatory mutant strains of Serratia marcescens, whereas norvaline was found to be part of an antifungal peptide secreted by Bacillus subtilis. Replacement of methionine residues with sulfur-free,closely isosteric norleucine (Nle) residues might well mitigate oxidative degradation of the biologic agent, thereby enhancing peptide stability, both under storage conditions and in in vivo settings.

API: Afamelanotide


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