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Product name: Fmoc-Octyl-Gly-OH

Synonym: Fmoc-Octyl-Gly-OH, Fmoc-(S)-2-aminodecanoic acid, Fmoc-L-decyline, Fmoc-L-2-aminocapric acid,(2S)-2-(9H-fluoren-9-ylmethoxycarbonylamino)decanoic acid,Fmoc-L-OctGly-OH,

Catalog #: 8308801

Purity: 95% by HPLC

CAS No.: 193885-59-5

Molecular Formula: C25H31NO4

Molecular Weight: 409.52

Compound ID: 23257324

Description: Lipophilic derivatives of the anticancer drug paclitaxel (PTX) were prepared by means of its conjugation to lipoamino acid (LAA) residues, with the aim of increasing drug accumulation in tumor cells. PTX was linked to the methyl esters of norleucine (C6) or 2-aminodecanoic acid (C10).


Usage: For Scientific Research Use Only, Not for Human Use.