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Product name: Fmoc-Tyr(SO3Na)-OH

Catalog #: 8127002

Purity: 95%

CAS No.: 181952-24-9

Molecular Formula: C24H21NO8S

Molecular Weight: 483.5


Tyrosine sulfation is one of the most common post-translational modifications in secreted and transmembrane proteins and a key modulator of extracellular protein-protein interactions. The desulfation obeyed first-order kinetics with a large entropy (59.6 J.K-1.mol-1) and enthalpy (110.5 kJ.mol-1) of activation. These values substantiated that the desulfation rate of the rigidly solvated Tyr(SO3H) residue was strongly temperature-dependent. The synthetic strategy for Tyr(SO3H)-containing peptides with this effective deprotection protocol is as follows: (i) a sulfated peptide chain is directly constructed on 2-chlorotrityl resin with Fmoc-based solid-phase chemistry using Fmoc-Tyr(SO3Na)-OH as a building block; (ii) the protected peptide-resin is treated with 90% aqueous TFA at 0 degree C for an appropriate period of time for the cleavage and deprotection.

API: Ceruletide, Sincalide