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Product name: Mpa(Acm)

Synonym: 3-((Acetamidomethyl)thio)propanoic acid, 3-(acetamidomethylthio)propanoic acid, Mpa(Acm)-OH, Acm-thiopropionic acid, 3-(acetamidomethylsulfanyl)propanoic Acid,

Catalog #: 8311045

Purity: 95%

CAS No.: 52574-08-0

Molecular Formula: C6H11NO3S

Molecular Weight: 177.22

Compound ID: 7019598

Description: N-terminal thiopropionyl residue for conjugation to a trisaccharide equipped with an acrylate linker and a C-terminal S-acetyl thioglycolyl moiety for subsequent linking of neoglycopeptide to bromoacetylated tetanus toxoid.

API: Eptifibatide, Atosiban, Desmopressin